Lamb Loin Chops with Pomegranate Gremolata

“I have written about my love affair with Lava Lake Lamb many times, so I will not go into it again.  That being said; I will say, that I love their lamb as well as everything about the company and their best practices for raising their animals.  It is some of the best lamb I have ever eaten, and I always welcome the opportunity to work with them.  I am in the middle of lamb heaven right now working on some recipes, and wanted to share this one right away.  It is a very approachable recipe for Lamb Loin Chops with Pomegranate Gremolata and is elegant enough for a dinner party as well as simple enough for a weeknight meal.”

~ Denise Woodward, Chez Us

Lamb Loins with Gremolata 1


  • 4 Lamb Loin Chops
  • 1/2 bunch of Italian parsley, leaves only
  • 1 large garlic clove, peeled
  • zest from one lemon
  • 1 pomegranate, seeds only
  • salt
  • pepper


  • Step 1

    Remove the meat from the refrigerator, 30 minutes before cooking.

  • Step 2

    Place the parsley and garlic into the food chopper and chop. Pour into a bowl.

  • Step 3

    Zest the lemon into the parsley, then stir in the pomegranate seeds.

  • Step 4

    Season to taste with salt. Set aside.

  • Step 5

    Preheat the grill or the grill pan over medium heat.

  • Step 6

    Season the meat with salt and pepper.

  • Step 7

    Sear one side, until golden marks appear, about 2 - 3 minutes. Flip and sear the other side.

  • Step 8

    Cook until the internal temperature is 135 for medium rare or 155 for medium or 165 for well done.

  • Step 9

    Remove from the heat, and let sit for 5 minutes before serving, the meat will continue cooking to perfection.

  • Step 10

    Serve with the pomegranate gremolata.